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National Agency for the legalization of communications (ANRT) misleads Moroccans and the world as a whole

National Agency for the legalization of communications (ANRT) misleads Moroccans and the world as a whole
In the beginning of 2016, a service called VoIP, which allows voice to be transmitted through the internet, has been banned in Morocco under the pretext that the companies whose applications support this service, such as Whatsapp, Viber, Facebook, and Skype exploit ISP's infrastructure. What is more, the so called Maroc Telecom, the main ISP (Internet Service Provider) in Morocco, alleged that the use of VoIP in Morocco has brought about a loss of millions of Dirhams to the company on the grounds that Moroccan people resort to utilizing the aforementioned applications instead of Maroc telecom’s cellular networks used by mobile phones.

Nevertheless, Moroccans are not for free supplied with either cellular networks, or DSL (Digital Subscriber Line), or ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line), after all everything in Morocco is paid for. Furthermore, because of the fact that the only company that provides DSL and ADSL in Morocco is Maroc telecom, and the fact that there are no competitors in this regard, Maroc telecom takes advantage of that by forcing citizens who wish to have access to the internet to monthly pay for a horrific service, which does not whatsoever keep abreast of the technological development, such as the well-developed Ethernet technology.

Surprisingly, ANRT has recently anounced that VoIP is no longer banned and that Moroccans may resume using VoIP-oriented applications as before. Oddly enough, the reason behind unbanning this service is that an event called COP22 - United nations conference on climate change - will be held in Marrakech in the few forthcoming days. Obviously, ANRT and Maroc telecom’s responsibles are not insane enough to keep VoIP banned as long as representatives from different parts of the world will present in the conference. They will undoubtedly have recourse to using this service either in their presentations or during their visit to Morocco, and it would be so strange to find this service outlawed, especially in the end of 2016 when technology has become part and parcel of people’s lives.

Finally, some Moroccan youtubers and facebookers are nowadays expressing their dissatisfaction with the tricks ANRT is playing on them concerning VoIP. #cop22 hashtag, which is ubiquitous in facebook these days, is meant to show to the world that Morocco is not as real or good as it will seem to be in the few days of COP22. Moroccans are strongly striving for their unsurped rights. Moroccans are facing Al-makhzan in case they dare to express themselves. Morocco is in uproar. Morocco is raped. Morocco is regressing. Morocco is ripped off. No health, no education, no housing.
National Agency for the legalization of communications (ANRT) misleads Moroccans and the world as a whole Reviewed by BOUFTIRA on 9:27:00 AM Rating: 5

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