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10: Ethernet - 25 & 50Gigabit Ethernet part 7

25 & 50Gigabit Ethernet

25 & 50Gigabit Ethernet
In 2016, a new high-grade Ethernet standard appeared and approved by The IEEE-SA Standards Board. It is the IEEE 802.3by standard which was proposed in 2014 by 25G Ethernet Consortium. Then, in 2015, a group of engineers (IEEE 802.3cd task force) met together as a study group  to go further and develop what is known today as single-lane 50Gigabit Ethernet.

It is obvious that these high-quality Ethernet standards were designed to function in a datacenter environment. As for 25Gigabit Ethernet, it can operate over twisted pair cables, printed circuit backplanes (25GBASE-KR), twin-axial cables (25GBASE-CR-L & 25GBASE-CR-S), and multi-mode optical fiber (25GBASE-SR),  and reach a speed of 25 Gigabit per second.

25 & 50Gigabit Ethernet
In regard to 50Gigabit Ethernet,  it also supports printed circuit board backplane, copper twin-axial cables with lengths up to at least 3m, optical fibers with different types, including Multi-mode fiber (MMF) with lengths up to 100m, single-mode fiber with a reach of 2 km up to 10 km.

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