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How to track your car, laptop, wallet, animal, keys, or anything else using your phone and a tiny device - unbelievable !

Have you ever been stolen from or lost your car in parking ? have you ever lost your wallet and you did not find it ? have you ever thought of tracking your stuffs ? it happens. In this article you will discover a very advanced way of keeping track of whatever thing you want using only your phone and a very small device. By virtue of this latter you can only by one click to locate your possessions in seconds.

All you need to do is just to attach the device, called TrackR, to the  things that you want to track, then install a small application on your phone (Android or Iphone), afterwards tracking will be ready. These steps are very easy to do.  After everthing is ready, you need merely to whip out your phone and open the application and  the location of your stuffs will clearly appear on the screen.

With this device you will no longer lose your wallet, keys, laptop, bicycle, etc. For example, you can attach this tiny device to your laptop, and when it is stolen, or lost, you can by only one click to find it. It is especially useful when you are stolen something from and the device is already attached to it, the thief will be caught red-handed.

This device is much better than the GPS services, which are very expensive, and which oblige you to monthly pay for the service. In contrast, TrackR is very cheap and once you buy, you will no longer pay for it. It will work forever. For instance, if you have TrackR, you need just to hide it somewhere in the car such as the compartment or under the car's floor mat, and when you wish to keep tabs on it, all you need to do is bring your phone out and the car's place will immediately be shown

How much does it cost ?

No worries this device is not expensive, it is only $29 unlike GPS for which you have to pay a bundle to get
the service. the price that you are going to pay is for peace of mind, for you will no more complain about losing your stuff.

Where can I buy this device - TrackR ?

You can buy it directly from the company's website
How much time it needs to be delivered ?

This company ships worldwide and you'll receive your TrackR device within a week. Up to now, there are over 4.5 million devices shipped

Watch this video to know how TrackR device works:

To know about customers feedback, watch this video

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