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How to Make Money Online Using your Computer Networks Knowledge

Do you hold a diploma in computer science or computer networks and you did not find a job ? Would you like to make money with your computer skills ? do you want to earn a living ? do you have a decent knowledge in computer science and you wish to use it to make money online ? are you fed up with bombastic titles such as how to make money online in no time, how to be a millionaire in short time, how to earn money from Forex trading (trading online, stock charts, stock trading, online stock broker etc), how to realize a profit from marketing (selling products), or even how to become an internet marketer with no experience ? did you come across terms such as CPA, CPC, RPM, CPM, CTR ways of making money from the internet ? in this article I want you to forget about all that and pay careful attention to the strategy that I will share with you, which will totally change your financial situation.

In what follows I will show you a very valuable strategy, derived from my personal experience, you might use to make money by virtue of your computer skills only. To start with, most of you disregard the idea of creating a blog and start writing articles, lessons, making videos, answers to questions, concerning computer networks ; however, if you realized how profitable it is, I am pretty sure that you would not let it slip through your fingers. All you need to do is to create a blog using whatever platform you wish such as blogger, wordpress, or tumblr and start writing your first texts, no matter whether you are good at writing or not, for the very essence of the blog is to share your knowledge nothing else. 

You are now asking how I can get paid just by writing articles. After drafting, for example, 20 articles regarding your field of interest, then you will be able to monetize you articles, that is, you can begin earning your first dollar. The most renowned and famous company that the majority of publishers use to monetize their content is GoogleAdsense. Google has two kinds of users, referred to as advertisers and publishers. As for advertisers, they are those who advertise for their products or services by means of using Google Adwords. With regard to publishers, they are those who make their websites available for ads of advertisers utilizing Google Adsense, that is to say, publishers promote advertisers’ products and services within their blogs. 

Hitherto you get an idea about how to start. What to do afterwards is to create an account in Google Adsense and link it with your blog. Do not try to use a blog that does not contain enough articles, because Google will not approve it. That is why I mentioned that you need to have at least from 10 to 20 articles in your website. Furthermore, do not try to copy the content from other websites, for it is considered to be plagiarism according to Google’s privacy policy ; however, you are allowed to paraphrase the others’ content on the condition that you give credit to the author by making reference. Next, after everything is ready, you need to place ads onto your blog page or inside you articles, which will highly encourage visitors to click on them. Your blog is now well-prepared to be used by visitors. The question to ask at the moment is from where I can come up with traffic ? this is answered in the following paragraphs.

There are different types of traffic which your blog can have. The very important type is the traffic coming from search engines, because this type will bring to your website a steady number of visitors a day. In other words, once a user search for a given title or keyword which corresponds with yours, your blog will be shown in the first ten results of Google. Nevertheless, this type of traffic entails many characteristics which your content should have, such as authenticity and well-chosen keywords to attract visitors, as well as being indexed in Google and getting nearer to the first ten results. Thus such type of traffic comes gradually with time because it depends on search engines to index your posts. If you keep writing articles, at least few days a week, you will definitely get a mammoth number of visitors from search engines.

The second most important type of traffic is social media such as Facebook. This latter has proven to be a powerful source of traffic in recent years to the extent that normal users, publishers, and advertisers tend to immensely use it. By virtue of Facebook you can create a Facebook page and put it within your blog to start accumulating followers and subscribers. Once the Facebook page has a great number of fans, you may share your articles on it and see how much traffic will be driven to your blog. Furthermore, another way to fetch traffic is through Facebook groups where people of a specific interest gather in a given group. Therefore,  you as a blogger, you are able to share your posts within groups, and your blog will be inundated with visitors. 

You can practically apply all what has been mentioned above from A to Z by using this detailed guide below.
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